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Treatment Menu

Each Treatment Includes Doterra Essential Oils, Medicupping and Individualized Treatment Plan


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Newborn Massage Instruction

Massage is a great resource for you and your new baby. It helps the newborn's digestion, sleep, healing process and bonding. This class is taught one on one or if you prefer group pricing is available. Age: Birth - 6 wks

  • Understand the benefits of massage for your newborn
  • Learn important communication skills with your infant
  • Hands on training with your newborn
  • Parents receive instruction book and oil

Approx. 40 Minutes          $60.00 - Per Family Class

Onsite Couples Massage and Newborn instruction - 60 Minute Massage for each parent (back to back sessions not side by side to allow someone to care for newborn) and a newborn massage instruction in the comfort of your home.

$ 300.00 - Per Onsite Family Session --Please call to schedule this unique treatment


Deep Tissue Massage

Medium to heavy pressure used at your comfort level. This massage helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques to affect the deeper layers of musculature and fascia.

Heated Stone Massage

Relaxation at its best. If you like hot baths you will love this heat treatment. The river rocks are heated in water and then used in the palm of the therapist's hands. What do you feel? The warmest smoothest hands for a full body massage. Essential oils such as Thyme and Basil are included to completely calm your central nervous system. The benefit of heat? Deeper layers of the muscle are reached to fully treat  the muscle. This treatment though very relaxing is also used in injury treatment.


Prenatal Massage

Comfort is the key word with this massage. Hormonal changes, postural changes and daily stress can add up. This massage is designed for your ever changing body. Most expectant mothers report their headaches are significantly less frequent or completely gone after a treatment.

Many wonder if the table will be comfortable. Yes! with a fully adjustable table specifically designed for your baby and your ever changing body in mind. Just on the market new side lying system for expectant moms. Most mothers just want to snuggle in and sleep.

Special techniques for sciatic pain, hip pain and other pregnancy related issues.


Heat Treatments

Heated Dead Sea Mud is applied to the back with muscle relaxing essential oils. A moist heat pack is then applied  allowing mud to detoxify muscles. Mud is removed and a full back deep tissue heated stone massage is given. Heat treatments can be done as a treatment on its own or combined with a deep tissue full body massage for an especially effective treatment.